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Sounds Air has operated the venerable Cessna Caravan since the early 1990’s. Over the years there have been many refinements … stretched cabin, new engines, improved de-icing systems and updated avionics, but the original reasons for purchasing these aircraft have not changed at all. Safe. Reliable. Rugged. Delivering passenger comfort levels far exceeding comparable similar sized aircraft.

Originally conceived as a rugged utility aircraft with low operating costs, the Caravan was designed for use in remote areas with extreme operating conditions, and the Pratt and Whitney PT6 gas turbine powered engine (675HP) ensured unmatched dependability and smoothness. As the aircraft’s versatility became known across the world, the Caravan began to see use in other markets, including freight, law enforcement and military, air ambulance, parachuting, and commercial passenger operations.

First flown in 1982 and still in production today, over 2500 aircraft have been delivered. They are certified in over 100 countries, and have amassed a staggering 13 million (plus) flight hours. Major aircraft upgrades over the years include:

  • 4 ft stretch of the cabin becoming the C208B Grand Caravan
  • Two upgraded engines, with the latest model (867HP) installed in all factory new aircraft
  • Garmin 1000 avionics (three glass “TV” screens replacing the standard instruments)
  • Float and Cargo options

For Sounds Air, the Caravan is the perfect aircraft for our short Wellington based routes. Our passengers and pilots alike have loved them since day one, and that doesn’t look like it about to change anytime soon!

Major customers include:

  • Fedex (over 250 aircraft)
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Sydney Sea Planes
  • Many Parachuting Operators
  • Over 20 Military operators, including the US Army

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